Author of erotic romance, Blogger, Accounts Manager, Husband, Dad. But not in that order.

This Tumblr features pictures of beautiful women (usually with very few clothes on - if any at all). I like to think of it as a celebration of my appreciation of the female form at its finest.

You'll also find the occasional quote from my books, and my general daily ramblings.

I'm a particular fan of Breasts, Bottoms and Lingerie. :-)

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Love this versioon of this track. So…. Smooooooth.

It has, to put it mildly, been freaking hot in the UK the past week or so. I mean, seriously hot. We’re not used to it here. We’re used to grey skies and drizzle.

So, in celebration of the lovely weather, here are some customary generic pictures of ladies in bikinis, because… why not?

Of course, the hot weather has led to some spectacular thunderstorms. So, here are some photos of that too,…

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I have no words. Really, I don’t.

Rowing club banned from Facebook after nude calendar was branded porn @MailSport

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This comes from the Daily Mail (no surprise there then).

A wife has been fined £300 for assaulting her husband, who has MS and needed 13 stitches.

The article treats it as a joke story, but I can’t help think that if *he* had assaulted *her* then the sentence would have much more severe. Maybe even jail time.

So much for equality, huh?

Husband has face smeared with butter after demanding…

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My new PA. ;)

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 Rena Thorne

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