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This Tumblr features pictures of beautiful women (usually with very few clothes on - if any at all). I like to think of it as a celebration of my appreciation of the female form at its finest.

You'll also find the occasional quote from my books, and my general daily ramblings.

I'm a particular fan of Breasts, Bottoms and Lingerie. :-)

I have no words. Really, I don’t.

Rowing club banned from Facebook after nude calendar was branded porn @MailSport

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This comes from the Daily Mail (no surprise there then).

A wife has been fined £300 for assaulting her husband, who has MS and needed 13 stitches.

The article treats it as a joke story, but I can’t help think that if *he* had assaulted *her* then the sentence would have much more severe. Maybe even jail time.

So much for equality, huh?

Husband has face smeared with butter after demanding…

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My new PA. ;)

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